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Patient Wristbands and LabelsHealthcare is perhaps the most heavily regulated industry in the world today. Patient safety and privacy continue to rein among the most critical mandates that all providers must achieve.

Positive Patient Identification is perhaps the most crucial process to insure patient safety by reducing preventable medical errors. In a fiercely competitive market with shrinking margins patient satisfaction, loyalty and trust must also be obtained in order to support a successful operation and growth.  


Data Equipment provides free local consultation on most projects and will work side by side with your staff and legacy system providers to enhance existing processes or to develop seamless, enterprise solutions for:

    Rapid & Accurate Registration

    ♦ Positive Patient Identification

    ♦ Patient Labels and Wristbands

    ♦ Barcode Printers and Readers

    ♦ Forms Automation, Imaging and Data Archival

    ♦ Mobile Computing and Wire-free Connectivity

    ♦ Employee Identification, Access & Attendance

    ♦ Tracking Visitor, Vendor and Contractor Access

    ♦ Patient Satisfaction and Loyalty  


While some healthcare organizations have implemented solutions that help deal with these critical challenges, many efforts are transitional and fall short of a total solution. Hospitals, medical centers, outpatient clinics, ambulatory facilities and insurance providers rely on the diversity of Data Equipment Solutions to bridge those gaps and help create safer, more secure and more efficient working environments.

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