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Matica C410 Embosser

Matica C410 Metal Plate Embosser

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Our Industrial Marking Division specializes in Identification and Traceability Solutions for Manufacturing and Industry.  


 From low volume output to high volume automotive applications, Data Equipment has the right solution to meet the challenge!

Metal Plates

Metal ID plates and tags provide durable solutions for a wide range of requirements including VIN Plates, Serial Number Tags, Military ID Tags, Cable Tags, Inspection Tags, Work In Progress ID, Asset Tags and many other applications that require enduring harsh environments. Some customers may require direct product marking, while many others may only require a durable label.

Data Equipment offers a vast diversity of products in this arena and can provide the best fit for your unique specifications for:
Military ID And Medic Alert TagsEmbossing




 Dot Marking

 Laser Marking

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